Oxford University Flower Photos Uploader

Show/hide Photograph Quality Guidelines (Please read!)

In general, we are looking for images that:

  • Are of good quality (for example, not blurred).
  • Contain one species of natural flowers. It might have more than one flowers, as long as they all belong to one species.
  • Have flowers that are large enough so people can tell them apart from other species.
  • Have the flowers in focus. Most people should see the flowers as the foreground of the image.

We've gathered a few good and bad examples which will help us to explain the photographs we are looking for:

Good images

3 1 Although one flower is blurred, the other one is not
1 1 Multiple flowers are okay, as long as they are all from the wanted species
1 2 The same flower species can have different colors
2 1 Normally, we don't want cropped flowers. But there is one in this image that is not corpped
2 2 Although each flower is small, they form a unit that is distinctive

Bad images

3 2 Blurred
3 3 This is a drawing not a photo
1 3 The photograph clearly contains two different flower species
2 3 Each individual flower instance is too small
2 4 Flower too large and cropped
Contains an insect that occludes the flower
Photograph has been artificially modified
It is unclear which object is in focus

Step 1: uploader details

Please enter your name and email address (for crediting purposes). Feel free to leave the fields clear if you want to stay anonymous.

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Step 2: enter a species name

Our main focus is UK native flowering plants but we are also interested in those that are naturalized. Here is a complete list of UK native flowering plants. Please enter the scientific name (last column on list, for example, Digitalis purpurea for the common name foxglove), for the flower of which you have photographs to upload. If you only have a common name (for example, rose) please use Google or Wikipedia to translate it into a best guess scientific name. The identification of submitted images will be checked and authenticated at Oxford.

Please only upload photographs from one species at a time.

Species name (required):

Step 3: add images

Drag and drop your flower photos to anywhere within this page, or use the "Add files..." button. Note, file names do not matter.

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Step 4: submit

By clicking "Upload" below, I grant the University of Oxford the rights to make use of my uploaded photographs for academic purposes, including displaying for the general public, provided my name is credited.

Thanks for uploading your photographs for our scientific use. If you have any questions, please contact us.